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Cole Xiphactinus Site

This is an over-all view of the bone bed. The area covered is 25 square feet.

Just another view of the 5 X 5 foot square assortment of bones.

This is the scene I like - a jaw with lots of teeth.

Can't beat a deal like this, another jaw with even nicer teeth.

I'm making progress here. The individual bones have been undercut. The undercutting allows a place for the burlap/plaster mixture to "grab".

Two of the pedestals have been plastered and are drying. The pectoral fin section is at right.

Two of the plastered pedestals have been removed, leaving only the pectoral fin.

After the plaster is dry the bones are "popped off" their pedestal. If preparation is not anticipated in a short time the cast is also plastered on the bottom.

The second section of bones have be plastered and in the drying process.

HOORAY, another jaw has been found.

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